Trail Blaze with Advanced Features like iACT Adjustable On-the-Fly Suspension

Some riders want to tame the trail. But for those who want to dominate it, ZR Limited adds an easily adjustable suspension calibration to our legendary ZR.


  • iACT ADJUSTABLE ON-THE FLY ELECTRONIC SUSPENSION: Switch between soft, medium and firm suspension at the push of a button, with handlebar-mounted controls that automatically and immediately adjust your suspension FOX ZERO iQS gas shocks.
  • FOX ZERO IQS SHOCKS: No matter your riding style — or what the day brings — FOX ZERO iQS shocks will be ready. Featuring three compression settings (Soft, Medium and Firm) that can be easily adjusted with a dial mounted on the remote reservoir, FOX ZERO iQS shocks are built for changing terrain. Their remote reservoir delivers fade-free runs, while coil-over springs even out the bumpiest rides. Available in 1.5 inch diameters.
  • 6000 SERIES C-TEC2 ENGINE: The first clean technology Arctic Cat 2-stroke engine, the 6000-Series 599cc C-TEC2 with Dual-Stage Injection (DSI) leads the 125-hp class in performance. It features batteryless EFI; electric oil pump; APV electronic exhaust valves; Exhaust Pipe Temperature Sensor (EPTS); knock sensor; and engine reverse technology. It’s exceedingly robust and lightweight.
  • ARS II FRONT SUSPENSION: The next level of Arctic Race Suspension (ARS) is here. ARS II gives you better bite on corners and increased ground clearance to deliver more confidence on- or off-trail. We made the forged aluminum spindles 1.5 inches taller from the ski to the lower arm, and gave it more rigid upper A-Arms. Plus, a revised geometry delivers a new roll-center and adjustable cambers, and a swaybar makes for flatter, more predictable cornering on hard pack trails.
  • 137 IN. SLIDE-ACTION REAR SUSPENSION: Unlock the true potential of a coupled suspension with our unique SLIDE-ACTION design. The front arm fits into a U-shaped slot that allows 0.5 inches of sliding movement, so the front arm won’t collapse whenever the rear arm compresses. That unique design gives you the full benefit of coupling: controlled ski lift during acceleration and the complete use of the front arm at all times. SLIDE-ACTION suspension also allows a lower and more consistent track tension with its Torque-Sensing Link, plus three-position rear coupling block adjustability, adjustable spring preload and a durable 3-wheel rear axle assembly.
  • PUSH-BUTTON ELECTRIC START: Get the convenience and ease of electric start with a handlebar-mounted button.
  • GOGGLE HOLDER: Mounted right in the dash for quick access, this integrated goggle holder keeps a key piece of gear safe and sound.
  • LED HEADLIGHT: When the high beam is activated, the low beam also stays on to deliver an LED light pattern with great range and width.
  • 11" MID-HEIGHT WINDSHIELD: Added protection from the wind lets you enjoy more of the ride.
  • HANDGUARDS: The durable, injection-molded plastic guards keep your hands safe from debris and warm on the trail.
  • ADJUSTABLE 42"-43" SKI STANCE: Easily adjust your ski stance — From 42- to 43-inches wide.

General Information

Manufacturer Arctic Cat
Model Year 2020
Model ZR 6000 Limited iACT ES
Model Code S2020ZXDQSUSG
Color Black / Medium Green


Length Overall - 125 in.
Height Overall - 48 in.
Width Overall - 48-49 in.
Weight Dry - 512 lb.

Engine & Drivetrain

Engine 6000 C-TEC2, 2-stroke
Cylinders 2


System capacity - 6 qt.

Displacement 599 cc
Bore x Stroke 73.8 x 70 mm
Fuel System Dual stage injection
Starting Electric push button

Digital controlled CDI

Engine stator output - 270 W @ 3000 RPM

Lubrication Electronic injection
Drive System Arctic Drive System
Drive Clutch TEAM Rapid Response II
Driven Clutch TEAM Rapid Reaction BOSS
Drive Sprocket Track - 9 Tooth, 2.86 pitch, Involute
Clutch Calibration 0 - 5,000 ft.
Reverse Push-button

Gearing - 22/48

Chain pitch - 90

Exhaust APV with tuned pipe, pipe sensor and stainless steel manifold and muffler
Brakes Stealth hydraulic master cylinder
Fuel Type Minimum octane - 91
Fuel Capacity 11.7 gal.
Oil Capacity 3.25 qt.


Handlebar Hooked, 5.5 in. riser

Deluxe digital: speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel, coolant (indicator light), clock, battery voltage, altimeter and hours

Oil indicator light

Seating or Rider capacity High performance

Type - Trail

Width - 6 in.

Runner type - Dual deep split with carbide

Ski Stance 42 - 43 in. Adjustable
Track Type Ripsaw II 1.25
Track LxWxH 137 x 15 x 1.25 in.
Pitch 2.86 in.


Includes 11 in. Mid-height windshield, 12V outlet, goggle holder, hand and thumb warmers, sport front bumper, standard performance brake disc, standard steering, tether switch, tunnel flare
Safety Features LIghting - LED with accent light



Ski - FOX 1.5 ZERO iQS

Front track - Arctic Cat IFP 1.5

Rear track - FOX 2.0 ZERO iQS

Front Suspension

Arctic Race Suspension (ARS) II with swaybar and iACT

Travel - 10 in.

Rear Suspension

SLIDE-ACTION with 3 wheel rear axle assembly, coupling blocks, torque-sensing link rear arm and adjustable torsion springs. Interactive Arctic Cat Technology (iACT) suspension.

Travel - 13.5 in.

2020 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 Limited iACT ES