• 7000 C-TEC4 ENGINE: Part of our clean technology family, the 7000 is a 1049cc 4-Stroke, renowned for easily accessible midrange power. This quick-revving triple maintains optimal power thanks to EFI and a state-of-the-art engine management system designed to reduce engine braking.
  • LOCKING DETACHABLE STORAGE CASES: These side cases give you plenty of storage for those long trips and are easily detachable when you don't need them. Got valuables? They even lock for security.
  • MIRRORS: Not all mirrors are the same. Ours are heavy-duty, built to last and made to withstand whatever winter throws at them.
  • PASSENGER WIND DEFLECTORS: Cold wind and hands don't get along. These will help deflect that wind to keep your passenger's hands nice and warm.
  • ARCTIC DRIVE SYSTEM WITH TEAM RAPID RESPONSE DRIVE AND TEAM RAPID RESPONSE BOSS DRIVEN CLUTCHES: The Arctic Drive System™ features a lightweight magnesium chaincase. The design incorporates a large TEAM® driven clutch and TEAM drive clutch. By eliminating belt skid, these clutches reduce temperature and transfer more power to the track. In addition to their incredible strength, these clutches are known for their easy and precise tuning.
  • ARCTIC RACE FRONT SUSPENSION WITH ARCTIC CAT GAS IFP SHOCKS: The Arctic Race front suspension's geometry was developed through racing. Our unique wide A-arm spacing complements the chassis design, which allows us to maintain a tighter suspension. Arctic Cat gas IFP shocks feature a hard-anodized aluminum body, 0.5 in. shaft, aluminum internal floating piston and high-quality seals and ice scrapers. For added strength, the eyelet on the shaft end is forged, replacing the welded design.
  • SLIDE-ACTION REAR SUSPENSION WITH ARCTIC CAT IFP SHOCKS: Our SLIDE-ACTION Rear Suspension incorporates a U-shaped front-arm slot that fits over a shaft bolted across the tunnel. This creates a half-inch of sliding movement, which keeps the front arm from torque locking and helps keep the skis planted during acceleration. Add our Arctic Cat (IFP) shocks and you've got comfort and confidence even in the bumpiest conditions.
  • DELUXE DIGITAL GAUGE: This dual configurable LCD screen gauge allows to you check all the vital information about your snowmobile and more. 14 different readings to be exact. There’s an odometer, speedometer, max RPM, 2 trip meters, engine hours, low oil light, coolant temperature, exhaust temperature, intake air temperature, battery voltage, fuel level, clock, reverse indicator, hand warmer and thumb warner.
  • PUSH-BUTTON REVERSE: Just a push of a button allows you to go from forward to reverse and back again smoothly, quickly and easily.
  • ADJUSTABLE BACKREST: Looking for more comfort on long rides? This easy-to-adjust backrest allow you to dial in the just right amount of support.
  • HEATED DRIVER'S SEAT: With our heated driver's seat, you stay warm and comfortable even on long rides.
  • 146 IN. COBRA™ TRACK WITH 1.35 IN. LUGS: The 146 in. Cobra track’s cupped lug design delivers superior handling, acceleration and braking in loose snow conditions. Its traction teeth add extra grip on hard-packed surfaces. The 1.35 in. paddles provide that extra traction needed when you find yourself blazing your own path.
  • 12V OUTLET: Need to charge your phone or another electrical device? We’ve got you covered. Just plug in and power up while you ride.
  • ELECTRIC START: This is just the thing for consistent, reliable starting. A simple turn of the key to get up and running.
  • HAND & THUMB WARMERS: Say goodbye to cold hands. Our hand and thumb warmers provide plenty of warmth and comfort on long rides.
  • 19 INCH HIGH-HEIGHT WINDSHIELD WITH MIRRORS: The extra-high windshield tames the wind out in the great white open, while the mirrors make backing up easy as ever.
  • REAR ACCESSORY OUTLET: Conveniently placed to easily power up whatever you need.
  • REAR COMPARTMENT STORAGE: Whether it's water or gloves, here's a good place to store it. The compartment also includes a belt holder so your spare belt is always secure and out of the way.
  • VISOR PLUG-INS: If you've got a heated helmet visor, we give you the outlets you need to plug in and get rid of that visor fog.
  • AUXILIARY GAS TANK 4.3 GAL. (16.28 L): Want to ride even more? This 4.3 gal. auxiliary tank is just the ticket. It has a separate fuel cap located under the cowling behind the passenger seat and feeds directly into the main 10.7 gal. fuel tank to give you 15 total gallons of fuel capacity.

General Information

Manufacturer Arctic Cat
Model Year 2019
Model Pantera 7000 Limited
Model Code S2019PTULXUSB
Color Black


Length 129 in. (322.7 cm)
Height 55 in. (139.7 cm)
Width 48 in. (121.9 cm)
Weight Dry - 631 lb.

Engine & Drivetrain

Engine 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, 3-cylinder
Displacement 1,049 cc
Bore x Stroke 3.23 x 2.45 in. (82 x 62.2 mm)
Fuel System Fuel delivery - Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI)

Digital controlled coil induction

Engine Stator Output - 515 Watts @ 5,000 RPM

Lubrication Dry sump

Drive - Auto-adjusting CVT

Driven - Lightweight CVT

Calibration - 0-5,000 ft.


Gearing - 21/49

Chain Pitch - 90

Reverse - Push-button

Exhaust 3 into 1 stainless steel pipe with stainless steel muffler
Brakes Stealth Hydraulic Master Cylinder
Powertrain Arctic Drive System
Fuel Type Minimum octane - 87
Fuel Capacity 15 gal. (456.8 l)
Oil Capacity 4.4 qt. (4.2 l)



Type - ProTour - 6 in. (15.24 cm)

Width - 6 in. (15.2 cm)

Runner type - Dual deep split with carbide

Ski Stance Adjustable - 42 - 43 in. (106.7 - 109 cm)
Track LxWxH

146 x 15 x 1.25 in. (370.8 x 38.1 x 3.2 cm) Type - Cobra

Pitch - 2.86 in. (7.26 cm)


Safety Features Headlights - LED w/ accent light


Shocks Arctic Cat IFP 1.5
Front Suspension

Arctic Race Suspension with sway bar

Travel - 9.5 in. (24.1 cm)

Rear Suspension

SLIDE-ACTION Rear Suspension™, coupling blocks, Torque-Sensing Link rear arm, adjustable torsion springs and fiberglass overload springs

Travel - 13.5 in. (34.3 cm)

2019 Arctic Cat Pantera 7000 Limited