• 2000 ENGINE: The value-focused 565cc, 2-stroke, fan-cooled. carbureted, engine is powerful, durable and efficient. Push-button engine reverse is a favorite in the utility segment. This engine is revered around the world for its simplicity and dependability.
  • ACT DIAMOND DIRECT DRIVE WITH ARCTIC CAT CLUTCHES: The ride-proven ACT™ Diamond Direct Drive™ planetary gearcase produces efficienct transfer of power from engine to track, delivering a smooth ride. The Arctic Cat ® clutch system engages at lower RPMs without sacrificing top speed.
  • AWS VII FRONT SUSPENSION WITH HYDRAULIC TWIN TUBE SHOCKS: Arctic Cat’s legendary AWS™ VII front suspension utilizes strong, durable A-arms, providing great handling and cornering. Hydraulic twin tube shocks smooth out the chatter, mile after mile, for an even more comfortable ride.
  • SLIDE-ACTION REAR SUSPENSION WITH ARCTIC CAT TWIN TUBE SHOCKS: The SLIDE-ACTION Rear Suspension™ brings race-day technology to everyday riding. Our U-shaped slot fits over a fixed shaft to allow a crucial half-inch of sliding movement. As the rear transfer blocks are engaged, the free-acting front arm follows the terrain, keeping your skis firmly planted over bumps, and during aggressive cornering and acceleration. This significant detail controls ski lift during acceleration. Arctic Cat hydraulic twin tube shocks smooth out the chatter, mile after mile for an even more comfortable ride.
  • PASSENGER FOOTRESTS: Passengers have feet, too. These footrests not only provide comfort, they also offer stability and support on bumpy terrain.
  • PASSENGER SEAT: When you’re riding solo and need room for gear, the passenger seat can be easily removed by flipping two levers.
  • PIVOT TOW HITCH: This hitch features a tow ring configuration that securely hooks to anything from a loaded sled to a fish house without slipping.
  • 151-IN. RIPSAW TRACK WITH 1.25-IN. LUGS: The 151-in. Ripsaw track features aggressive angled-lug profiles for outstanding forward and lateral traction on groomed trails. 1.25” lugs provide excellent handling, acceleration and braking on hard-packed snow.
  • ELECTRIC START: This is just the thing for consistent, reliable starting. A simple turn of the key is all you need to get up and running.
  • PUSH-BUTTON ENGINE REVERSE: With just a push of a button, you can reverse the direction of the engine smoothly, quickly and easily. What’s more, this technology also reduces the machine’s weight.
  • 13-IN. MID-HEIGHT WINDSHIELD: The perfect mix of protection and comfort, keeping any spray from slowing you down when the going gets really fast

General Information

Manufacturer Arctic Cat
Model Year 2018
Model Norseman 3000
Model Code S2018BCTXPUSW
Color White


Length Overall - 132 in.
Height Overall - 52 in.
Width Overall - 48 in. (121.92 cm)

Engine & Drivetrain

Engine 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, 2-cylinder
Displacement 700 cc
Bore x Stroke 76.9 x 75.3 mm
Fuel System Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI)

Digital controlled coil induction

Engine Stator Output - 510 Watts

Lubrication Wet sump

Drive Clutch - Arctic 6 post (rpm sensing)

Driven Clutch - 10.4 in. dia. Arctic (roller cam)

Arctic Drive System

Clutch Calibration - 0-5,000 ft. (0-1,524 m)


Gearing - 19/50

Chain pitch - 90

Reverse - Push-button engine

Exhaust 2-into-1 stainless steel pipe withstainless steel muffler
Brakes Race radial master cylinder hydraulic brake
Fuel Type Minimum Octane - 87
Fuel Capacity 10.7 gal. (40.50 l)
Oil Capacity 4.1 qt. (3.88 l)



Type - ProUte

Width - 10 (25.4 cm) / 8 (20.32)

Runner type - Dual split runner w/carbide

Ski Stance Adjustable - 35.5 - 41.4 in. (90.17-105.41 cm)
Track LxWxH 154 x 15 (38.1 cm) x 1.60 Cobra


Safety Features Headlights - Dual halogen 2-bulb



Ski - Arctic Cat IFP 1.5

Front / Rear Track - Arctic Cat IFP 1.5

Front Suspension

Arctic Race Suspension

Travel - 9.5 (24.13 cm)

Rear Suspension

SLIDE-ACTION Rear Suspension, coupling blocks, Torque-Sensing Link rear arm, adjustable torsion springs

Travel - 13.5 (34.29 cm)

2018 Arctic Cat Norseman 3000