• 6000 ENGINE: This 599cc 2-stroke DSI is the unmodified version of the engine that’s been launching Team Arctic down the racetrack since 2012. This quick-revving, 125-class horsepower C-TEC2™ power mill is the product of a world-class engine assembly plant — ours. Whether you’re riding a ZR® an M or a Crossover, the 6000 is one of the most satisfying engines found in a snowmobile.
  • ARCTIC DRIVE SYSTEM WITH TEAM RAPID RESPONSE DRIVE AND TEAM RAPID RESPONSE BOSS DRIVEN CLUTCHES: The Arctic Drive System™ features a lightweight magnesium chaincase. The design incorporates a large TEAM® driven clutch and TEAM drive clutch. By eliminating belt skid, these clutches reduce temperature and transfer more power to the track. In addition to their incredible strength, these clutches are known for their easy and precise tuning.
  • ARCTIC MOUNTAIN FRONT SUSPENSION WITH ARCTIC CAT GAS IFP SHOCKS: The Arctic Mountain front suspension packs the essentials. The ProClimb-7 mountain ski is 7" at the tip, tapering to 6.5" at the center to enhance your carving. Single-post, angled-out spindles help you shed some sled weight while maximizing quality and strength. Arctic Cat gas IFP shocks feature a hard-anodized aluminum body, 0.5" shaft, aluminum internal floating piston, and high-quality seals and ice scrapers. For added strength, the eyelet on the shaft end is forged, replacing the welded design.
  • FLOAT ACTION REAR SUSPENSION: The mountain suspension on the SE is fitted with aluminum Arctic Cat (IFP) Shocks. Coil-over rear shocks provide preload adjustment and unsurpassed ride quality.
  • DELUXE DIGITAL GAUGE: The information you need while riding, beautifully packaged. That’s the best way to describe this dual LCD gauge. There’s an odometer, trip meter, speedometer, engine hour, clock, fuel level indicator, battery voltage, coolant temperature, reverse and warning lights.
  • 12V OUTLET: Need to charge your phone or another electrical device? We've got you covered. Just plug in and power up while you ride.
  • ELECTRIC START: This is just the thing for consistent, reliable starting. A simple turn of the key is all you need to get up and running.
  • HAND & THUMB WARMERS: Say goodbye to cold hands. Our hand and thumb warmers provide plenty of warmth and comfort on long rides.
  • 141-IN. POWER CLAW TRACK WITH 2.25-IN. LUGS: This lightweight, 141" single-ply track with a 3". pitch rips through the deep stuff. Stagger-set, curved-forward paddle towers won’t fold over. 2.25" lugs let you go deep with confidence.
  • HCR-TYPE HEAT EXCHANGER: Proven on our HCR model for the past four seasons, this exchanger is nearly 4 lbs. lighter than full-length versions. Plus it reduces snow build up to reduce even more weight.
  • ICE SCRATCHERS: As part of the heat exchange system, ice scratchers can save the day when there's minimal snow but plenty of ice. In that kind of riding condition, lowering the ice scrapers kicks up ice to help prevent your engine from overheating.
  • MOUNTAIN STRAP: Want to shift your weight? This puts the extra leverage you need right in your hands.
  • PROCLIMB - 7 SKIS: The new ProClimb-7 mountain ski is 7" at the tip, tapering to 6.5" at the center. The wider skis enhance your carving abilities and prevent unintended downhill braking. A wider ski damper featuring a longer axle and bolt increases lateral adjustability.
  • VERTICAL STEERING POST, 4.5" RISER WITH ADJUSTABLE MOUNTAIN HANDLEBAR: Want to counter-steer on steep hills? This 4.5" vertical post provides a more natural handlebar turning arc when you’re riding standing up.
  • 5.5" RACE-HEIGHT WINDSHIELD: With its sporty look and enough protection for the track, this windshield’s low profile allows you to see everything as you lead the pack.

General Information

Manufacturer Arctic Cat
Model Year 2018
Model M 6000 153
Model Code S2018M6DE3USG
Color Team Arctic Green


Length 132.3 in. (336 cm)
Height 50 in. (127 cm)
Width 41.5 - 45.5 in. (105.4 - 115.6 cm)

Engine & Drivetrain

Engine 2-stroke, liquid-cooled, 2-cylinder
Displacement 599 cc
Bore x Stroke 73.8 x 70 mm
Carburetion Dual stage injection

Digitally controlled CDI

Engine stator output - 325 watts

Lubrication Electronic injection

Drive - TEAM Rapid Response

Driven - TEAM Rapid Reaction BOSS

Drive System - Arctic Mountain Drive System

Calibration - 6,000 - 8,000 ft.


Gearing - 19/50

Chain Pitch - 96

Reverse - Push-button engine

Exhaust APV™ with tuned pipe, pipe sensor and stainless steel muffler
Brakes Race radial master cylinder hydraulic brake-Lightweight
Fuel Type Minimum Octane - 91
Fuel Capacity 11.7 gal. (44.3 l)
Oil Capacity 3.6 qt. (3.4 l)



Type - ProClimb

Width - 7 in. (17.8 cm)

Runner - Single with carbide

Ski Stance 34.5 - 38.5 in. (87.6 - 97.8 cm) adjustable
Track LxWxH

153 x 15 x 2.6 in. (388.6 x 38.1 x 6.6 cm)

Type - Power Claw

Pitch - 3 in. (7.62 cm)


Safety Features Dual halogen 2-bulb


Shocks Arctic Cat® IFP 1.5
Front Suspension

Arctic Mountain Suspension (AMS)

Travel - 7 in. (17.8 cm)

Rear Suspension


Travel - 15.5 in. (39.4 cm)

2018 Arctic Cat M 6000 153